Modes provide an easy way to group automations together. They make it easier to manage and control your home or office.

The Jetlun mobile app has three preconfigured Modes: 

  • Home
  • Away
  • Night

For the Home mode, you may want to set your heating and air-conditioning to a certain temperature setpoint and turn on/off lights based on motion.

For the Away mode, you may want to set every plug load to the off state, turn down the heater or air-conditioner, and trigger alert when a door/window is triggered.

For the Night mode, you may want to set to a warmer temperature and turn off all lights. 

You can also create custom modes that fit your personal needs. 

To create a new Mode
1. Tap on Modes on the Home page
2. Tap on Add Mode
3. Name your Mode
4. Tap on the + icon
5. Select the device you want to control
6. Set the control state of the device (on/off, dim level, etc.)
7. Tap on the + icon to continue to add additional devices under this Mode
8. Tap on Save to save the Mode

To activate the Mode to be active
1. On the Modes page, toggle the preferred Mode to the ON state

To deactivate the current selected Mode
1. On the Modes page, toggle the current Mode to the OFF state

To delete a Mode
1. On the Modes page, select the Mode to delete and swap left
2. Tao on Delete
3. Tap on OK to confirm you want to delete the Mode