You will need to register for a myJetlun account and associate an Energy Manager/ eBox to your account to enable remote access. 


To register for an account:

  1. Power up your Energy Manager/eBox and connect your Energy Manager/ eBox to an Internet connection.
  2. Ensure the Internet LED on the Energy Manager/eBox is solid green which indicates it has Internet connection and is connected to the myJetlun server.
  3. Open a web browser and in the address bar, input

  4. To sign up for a myJetlun account, click on the Sign Up link.

  5. The registration will require you to fill in your name, email and password. Please note the system will require a valid email address. Your email address will be used as your User ID. The password requires a minimum of 8 characters long and is case sensitive.

  6. After you click on “I Accept”, myJetlun will immediately send you an email like the mail below to confirm your email address before preceding any further. If you do not get an email from myJetlun, please kindly check your spam folder and add to your email address book. Once you receive the email, please click on “Confirm My Account” link to redirect you back to myJetlun portal to continue the setup process.