The In-Home Display can be upgraded remotely by the utility or by Jetlun through the myJetlun portal. However, you can also upgrade the firmwave of the In-Home Display manually using the external USB port.


Follow the below steps:

  1. Contact Jetlun for the latest firmware package for the In-Home Display. 
  2. Rename the firmware to "RD77723_FW".
  3. Copy the firmware onto a USB stick. 
  4. Power up the In-Home Display, and plug the USB stick into the USB port of In-Home Display.
  5. On the In-Home Display screen, go to the Settings.

  6. Select Upgrade.
  7. Select the Upgrade button, In-Home Display would display the word, "Upgrading" to indicate the upgrading process has started.

  8. The In-Home Display will reboot itself after successfully upgraded, otherwise, it would display "Upgrade failed!".

NOTE: The USB stick must have one partition in FAT32 format. You can check whether your USB stick is in FAT32 format by right clicking on the USB stick icon and select property on a PC. For a MAC computer, hold down the control key and click on the USB icon to select Get Info.