Thank you for choosing the In-Home Display (RD77723) from Jetlun. The In-Home Display is a ZigBee-enabled 3.5” color touch screen backlit display that gives consumers unprecedented insight into their energy usage and costs. It empowers consumers with information so they can make conscious decisions on when and how they can be more energy efficient and lowering their monthly energy bill. Studies have shown that instantaneous feedback can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%.  The In-Home Display provides a simple interface for consumer to easily view its current tariff rate and opt in to participate in various energy efficiency programs offered by power utilities to recognize further cost savings. 

In-Home Display Features

  • Full color touch screen LCD display
  • Audio buzzer
  • Display energy tariff
  • Display energy consumption
  • Support demand response alerts
  • Support messages

Physical Description

4.0x4.0x2.1x0.8" (101x101x54x19mm)

Input/Output Description

1 Power LED
2 Removable battery slot
3 Audio speaker
4 Wall mount hole
5 Counter bracket hole
6 DC input
7 Factory default reset button 
8 USB slot for firmware upgrade

LED Indicators

1 Menu Bar. There are six main screens on the In-Home Display: Home, Graph, Control, Stat, Message and Settings. The Home Screen provides a quick snapshot of current energy usage and tariff information. The Graph Screen provides a graphical view of the energy usage. The Control Screen provides an interface to control any controllable devices on the network. The Stat Screen provides an interface to control any controllable programmable thermostat on the network. The Message Screen provides message, DRLC level, price level. The Settings Screen allows user to configure network settings, preferences, and adjust brightness. * Feature may not be available from your local utility.
2 Time Indicator. Current time is displayed. The In-Home Display automatically syncs time with either the utility Smart Meter or the Energy Manager/eBox from Jetlun.
3 Battery Indicator. Icon displays when it is running on battery and when it is plugged into the wall. It will also indicate when the battery is low.
4 Power LED. Solid orange indicates battery is charging. Solid green indicates battery is full.
5 Current Wattage. The instantaneous current is displayed.
6 Average Wattage. The average instantaneous current is displayed.
7 This Month’s kWh. The current month-to-date energy usage information.
8 Tariff per kWh. The cost per kWh is displayed. * Feature may not be available from your local utility.
9 Today’s kWh. The current day’s energy usage information.
10 Date and Time. Current Date and Time from the utility Smart Meter or the Energy Manager/ eBox.
11 ZigBee Signal Strength Indicator. Indicates ZigBee connectivity.
12  DRLC level, display the critical level of current DRLC event.

Package Contents