Thank you for purchasing the ZB Analog Sensor from Jetlun. The Jetlun ZB Analog Sensor is a ZigBee-enabled general purpose Analog Input adapter. There are three types of ZB Analog Sensor:


1. Model RD77729-41 support 4-20mA;

2. Model RD77729-51 supports 0-10V; and

3. Model RD77729-61 supports 1-5V


You can use the ZB Analog Sensor to measure a plethora of applications from electric meters, to gas meter to water meter, and so on. The applications are limitless. Powered by either 12/24V AC/DC, the ZB Analog Sensor comes built in with 2- relays for On/Off control. By default, relay # 1 is normal close, and relay #2 is normal open.

The ZB Analog Sensor sports a compact design that fit easily inside a standard U.S. single gang box, or they can mount to other surfaces using screws/ties. Using the ZigBee mesh technology, the ZB Analog Sensor also acts as a ZigBee range extender as well. 

Analog Sensor Features

  • One analog signal input
  • Built-in two 12/24V AC/DC relays
  • ZigBee enabled
  • 12/24V AC/DC power option

Physical Description

A: 2.0" (52mm)

B: 3.0" (76mm)

C: 4.2 (106mm)

D: 1.4" (36mm)

Input/Output Description

LED Indicators

Power/ ZigBee
  • Solid Green for 15 seconds indicates there is power to the device
  • Fast Blinking Green indicates it is restoring to its factory default settings
  • Slow Blinking Green indicates it successful join to a network but time is unsychronized
  • Solid Green indicates joining success to a network
  • Blinking Orange indicates it is searching for a available network

Packaged Contents