Thank you for purchasing the ZB Relay Module from Jetlun. The ZB Relay Module is a general purpose 15A (10A for Australia) ZigBee-enabled hardwire 120-240VAC ON/OFF load control switch. It supports ON/OFF control for lights, A/C or any appliance that require remote control and below or equal to 15A. The ZB Relay Module has a dry contact I/O for ON/OFF control of things such as a light switch. The ZB Relay Module also provides a 12V 300mA DC power to power other devices such as an Occupancy Sensor or security alarm.


The ZB Relay Module sports a compact design that fit easily inside a standard U.S. electrical junction box, or they can mount to other surfaces using screws/ties. Using the ZigBee mesh technology, the ZB Relay Module also acts as a ZigBee range extender as well. 


By default, the relay of the Relay Module is normal open.

Physical Description

2.0x3.0x4.2x1.4" (52x76x106x36mm)

LED Indicator

Packaged Contents