The ZB/HP Appliance Module can be connected directly to an Energy Manager/ eBox (sold separately) through a HomePlug connection.


For HomePlug connection, ensure the ZB/HP Appliance Module has the same network management key (NMK) as the Energy Manager/ eBox.

Connecting to the Jetlun Energy Manager or Jetlun eBox locally

  1. Follow the instructions that came with your Energy Manager or Jetlun eBox and log into the local web server.
  2. Plug the ZB/HP Appliance Module to a power outlet. 
  3. Power/ZigBee LED will lit up for 15 seconds indicating that there is power.
  4. The ZB/HP Appliance Module will search for available HomePlug Network.
  5. When it successfully found and join a network, the HomePlug GreenPhy LED is solid green.
  6. In case the ZB/HP Appliance Module cannot find the network, you need to:

  • ​Remote change the NMK of RD71315 device; 
  • Confirm the ZB/HP Appliance Module is on the HomePlug network; 
  • Test if the connection is okay.

Change the NMK of ZB/HP Appliance Module device

Remotely change the NMK of the RD71315 device:

  1. Login to Energy Manager/ eBox locally.
  2. Select Setup tab, then select HomePlug tab.
  3. Fill in MAC Address, Security ID and New NMK. The New NMK usually is identical with the Current NMK of Energy Manager/ eBox to ensure they can form the network together.
  4. ​​Refer to MAC Address, Security ID on the label located at the back of the device, hyphen(-) and colon(:) need to be included;
  5. New NMK need to be identical with the Current NMK of Energy Manager/ eBox.
  6. Press Apply button.​

​​Confirm the ZB/HP Appliance Module is on the Network.

  1. Under the HomePlug page, press the Scan button, and the HP MAC address of the device will be displayed with a TX and a RX value of 9. 

 ​Test if device is connected

Check at Home Area Network tab -> Control tab to see if you can control the added device by pressing the power button.

Connecting the ZB/HP Appliance Module to a HP Network through MyJetlun portal

If you have not already, register for a myJetlun account online at 


  1. Plug the ZB/HP Appliance Module to a nearby wall socket.
  2. The Power/ZigBee LED will be solid green for 15 seconds to indicate there is power to the device.
  3. Then, the HomePlug LED will be solid green if it found and join a network.
  4. In case the HomePlug LED become:
  • Green: The device is already connected to the network. Check if the device is present in Devices tab.
  • OFF: Log in to myjetlun, select Energy Manager among the device list. Go to the HomePlug tab and Press Scan button to reveal existing HomePlug device on the network. If you cannot locate the HP MAC address listed in the device table, enter the HP MAC of the device on the right. Enter Security-ID. Enter the New NMK(Password), the New NMK(Password) should be the same as Current NMK(Current Password) to allow the device join in the same network. Press Remote Set NMK button and the HP MAC shall be displayed in the device table.