The ZB Infrared Sensor can be connected directly to an Energy Manager (RD75606) from Jetlun (sold separately).


Before trying to join to the Energy Manager from Jetlun, it is best to place the ZB Infrared Sensor less than 30 feet away from the Energy Manager or eBox from Jetlun.  More distance in between the ZB Infrared Sensor may prevent the ZB Infrared Sensor from successfully joining the network.


1. Plan ahead and determine the 4 IR commands you need to control. Note that each command will be mapped and stored to each of the dip switches 1, 2, 3 and 4.

2. For reference, please use the below area and write down what 4 IR Commands you want to configure.


Dip Switch Mode Example Your Command 
1 AC Unit Off  
2 AC Unit On at 17ºC (62ºF)  
3 AC Unit On at 22ºC (71ºF)  
4 AC Unit On at 27ºC (80ºF)  


3. Next, go ahead and ensure your Infrared Sensor is at its default setting by clearing any stored configurations that might be on the unit.

4. Ensure all five dip switches are in the OFF position.

5. Then, toggle dip switch #5 to the ON position.

6. Power up the Infrared Sensor either by the plugging the included power adapter to a nearby wall socket and connecting the other end to the DC port of the Infrared Sensor or inserting a 9V battery (not included) into the Infrared Sensor by unscrewing the screw on the back of the device and screwing the back plate back into the unit.

7. Within 5 seconds of supplying power to the Infrared Sensor, toggle dip switch #1 from the OFF to ON to OFF position until you see the power led change to flashing red which signifies that the Infrared Sensor has been configured to factory default.