CAUTION: Always remove power before disconnecting any live wires.

NOTE: Only use the CTs provided by Jetlun, as they have been specially calibrated to work with the Jetlun Circuit Meter for maximum accuracy. To minimize CT noise, avoid extending the CT wires. If it is necessary to extend the wires, ues stranded twisted pair wire 22-14 AWG, rated for 600V, and do not exceed 300 feet (100 m). It is recommended to keep the CT wires short if possible because the CT signals are low-voltage and are susceptible to interferences. It is generally better to install the Panel Meter near the conductors being measured instead of extending the CT wires. The Jetlun Circuit Meter does not care about the direction of the current source.

  1. Strip or trim the wires to expose ¼” (6mm) of bare wire. The CTs connect to the Jetlun CT module and plug the other end to a port on the Circuit Meter.
  2. Record the CT rated current as part of the installation record for each Circuit Meter.