Thank you for purchasing the Circuit Meter from Jetlun. The ZB Circuit Meter is a single-phase CT-clamp metering solution. The Circuit Meter provides a disaggregated metering solution of up to 16- circuit breaker.The Circuit Meter is an open system that needs to be installed with a din rail within an electrical enclosure. 


The Circuit Meter connects to split core CTs through the included Jetlun CT modules. There are three Jetlun CT modules CTs: (1) rated for up to 60A; (2) rated for up to 100A; and (3) rated for up to 150A. Jetlun CT modules can be mixed and matched on an individual Circuit Meter. Only 8 Jetlun CT modules rated for 60As are included in the package with a Circuit Meter. Additional Jetlun CT modules are sold separately. To support three-phase fuse circuits, simply use three Circuit Meters–one for each phase.

Circuit Meter Features

  • Class 1 accuracy with solid-core or easy to install split core CTs
  • Measure up to 16 individual circuit breaker 
  • Built-in wireless communication module
  • One minute interval logging

Physical Description

A: 5.6" (141mm)

B: 3.0" (76mm)

C: 1.1" (27mm)

Input/Output Connections and LEDs

LED Indicators

Solid Green Power to the device
 Solid Green  Zigbee network found and time is synchronized
 Blinking Green  ZigBee network found but time is not synchronized
 Blinking Orange  Scanning for available ZigBee network

Packaged Contents

NOTE: Jetlun CT Modules

Black Rated up to 60A
Blue Rated up to 100A
Red Rated up to 150A