Thank you for choosing the ZB Appliance Module. The ZB Appliance Module is a Smart Plug.

ZB Appliance Module Features

  • ZigBee RF mesh extender
  • Remote On/Off (10A/ 13A/ 15A - depending on country)
  • Measure energy usage of the appliance plugged in
  • Default On/Off switch
  • Demand Response (DR) LED indicator
  • One-time DR Opt-In/Out button
  • Always DR Opt-In/Out switch

Physical Description

For US version Only

For UK/AU version

Input/Output Connections and LED Indicators

 Power/ ZigBee LED Solid Green for initial 15 seconds = Power to the device
Blinking Green = Successfully joined a ZigBee network but time is not synchronized
Solid Green = Successfully joined a ZigBee network and time is synchronized
Fast Blinking Green = Successfully restoring to its factory default settings
 AC Socket Off = Relay is open and the power socket is OFF
Solid Green = Relay is closed and the power socket is on
 DR Event

Off = No event in process or scheduled
Solid Green = Scheduled event and no event in process
Slow Blinking Green = Event in process and no scheduled event
Fast Blinking green = Event in process and there is another scheduled event
 DR Level Off = There is no event in process
Solid Green = Demand Response Level#1
Slow Blinking Green = Demand Response Level#2
Fast Blinking Green = Demand Response Level#3
Solid Orange = Demand Response Level#4
Slow Blinking Orange = Demand Response Level#5
Fast Blinking Orange = Demand Response Level#6
Solid Red = Demand Response Level#7
Slow Blinking Red = Demand Response Level#8
Fast Blinking Red = Demand Response Level#9
Relay/ Power Socket default ON
Relay/ Power Socket default OFF
Demand Response Always Opt-In
Demand Response Always Opt-Out

ZigBee Link Button
Factory Default and Leave ZigBee Network button


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