Thank you for choosing the Panel Meter from Jetlun. The Panel Meter is a current transformer (CT) clamp electronic kilowatthour (kWh) meter designed for permanent connection to an electrical service. Models RD77720/ RD71220 is an open system that needs to be installed within an electrical enclosure. Model RD77724 is a closed system that can be installed without a separate electrical enclosure.


Panel Meter Features

  • Class 1 accuracy with solid-core or easy to install split core CTs
  • Built-in wireless communication module
  • One minute interval logging
  • Reversed-phase LED indicator

Physical Description
For RD77720/ RD71220 Open System Only
A1: 147mm
B1: 76mm
C1: 102mm
D1: 50mm

For RD77724 Closed System Only
A: 200mm
B: 85mm
C: 106mm
D: 41mm

Input/ Output Connections and LEDs

For RD77720/ RD71220 Open Systems Only

For RD77724 Closed System Only

LED Indicators

Solid Green for initial 15 seconds Power to the device
 ZigBee LED  
Blinking Green Network found but time is not synchronized
Solid Green Network found and time is synchronized
Blinking Orange Scanning for available network
HomePlug LED
 Solid Green  Network found
 Blinking Green  Network activity
 Off  Network not found
 Phase A/B/C  
 Solid Green  Positive power measured
 Solid Red  Negative power measured
 Off  No power measured

Packaged Contents

When you first open the box, please check and confirm that the following items are all included.

For RD77720/ RD71220 Open System

For RD77724 Closed System

Video Explanation: